“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” - Prince​​​​​​​
Career Path: With the plan to become a detective for the FBI or CIA, Bailee will attend Grand Valley State University to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice.
Her Motivation: To protect other people who can’t protect themselves, and offer help to people in situations when they need it. I want to be directly involved with people and... make the word a little bit of a better place.    {With her smarts, her work ethic, and her passion for good, Bailee is the kind of person who can bring about change. She has been recognized for outstanding academics with the several departmental Academic Excellence Awards and has made the A Honor Roll every term for the past 4 years. For her service, she's earned the Red Cross Donor Recognition Award, and Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Youth Scholarship. }T
Talents: Aside from membership in several school bands, she's played the piano for 12 years, clarinet for 7, and dabbles in ukulele, guitar, and yoga. She adds, "I’ve been told I’m funny and have a comedic streak but I don’t know if that’s a talent because anyone can pick up a joke book?" {Bailee, Trust me. You're very funny, and I'm pretty sure you don't need a joke book!}

Favorite things: "There’s a David Bowie song for any mood. I’m a big Bowie enthusiast, I mean, my dog’s name is Bowie. I love autumn. It’s still raining and the leaves are changing, but it’s cooler than summer. Plus, I’m one of those weird people who prefers clouds over sun. I love anywhere on the east coast... I’m a history junky and the east coast is history-rich!

Her Role Models: My parents. They’ve always gave me room to do my own thing, but have been there to catch me if I fall. I love them tons! Also, certain teachers who I’ll never forget. Mr. Myers, who pushed me further and taught me the meaning of success. I consider him one of my main role models and I hope to be successful like him one day. Mrs. Brownridge, my number one comedy fan {this is true, I am a fan!} whose class was a relief to come to. She’s another role model and a perfect demonstration of a hard working woman who should be looked up to! Finally, my best friend, Miriam, who has done tons for me and I could never repay her or thank her enough. I just want her to know I appreciate her and love her lots!
Advice for underclassmen:  I lived high school by this quote, and it worked all right for me: “Work hard. Play hard. Be kind.”
Bailee's photo tip: Don’t let a camera being pointed at you intimidate you. Let go and have fun! I promise the jitters will be worth it once you get your beautiful pictures back!
Best Memory from her senior session: My parents weren’t able to be there, and I was so nervous about getting this done by myself. During hair and makeup, Amy arrived with my favorite tea (which she got from my mom) and chatted with me. Even though it was something small, her doing that really helped calm me down and meant a lot to me.
Congratulations, Bailee. Keep creating, keep dreaming, and keep making the world  a better place. 

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